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Metal fabrication is where it all began for Fab-All. Before we start cutting metal, our team works closely with our customers to ensure their expectations are met for design, quality and price.

We use steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Most of the products we fabricate begin with either laser cutting, turret punching or stamping. We use state of the art equipment that allows us to manufacture parts as small as a dime, to as large as a phone booth, with great accuracy.

Besides using conventional forming equipment, we also use a robotic forming cell. This incredible piece of equipment gives us the ability to form products twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Fastener insertion is also part of our fabrication process. We use all types and sizes of hardware.

Our highly qualified team of welders are capable of welding complex assemblies, to basic components. They use spot, TIG, or MIG welding to achieve this.

To complete the metal fabrication process, we also provide a full service assembly solution. In many cases, the products we ship to our customers are fully assembled and ready to ship to the end user.

By combining precision metal fabrication, machining and metal finishing, Fab-All is setting new industry standards. We provide our customers a more cost effective, quick turn solution to their metal fabrication needs.

Why not call us and put our team to work for you.